Find someone who you’re compatible with and stop trying to morph someone in to your expectations. That’s the number one problem with relationships. People find people that are incompatible with them, and they try and make ‘em fit, and it doesn’t fucking work that way.
Joe Rogan (The Joe Rogan Experience: Episode #87)

Joe Rogan is the man

Damn, I love the Punch Brothers. Thile’s voice gets better and better….then  Pikelny’s picking can’t get any better. Sigh

Best thing, so far, about losing this weight? Being able to wear my favorite Patagonia R1 jacket again.
27 pounds down since December 1st. Had my first cheat day yesterday and I have felt sick all day…great motivation to stick with being healthy!

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House of Cards Season 2 ep 1. Holllllllly Shit….what a crazy opener.
The search has begun for a Labrador puppy. Have my copy of “Water Dog” in hand and scouring the internet for the best breeder I can find.